Hi, come in. Cuppie tea? Or can we justify a glass of wine?  Sorry about the mess, I’ll just…shove that in the corner.

I’m Pinchypants. I don’t actually have tight knickers, most of the time (favouring large Bridget Jones-style comfy pants to contain the stretchmarks and mummy tummy) but I do have a surname that once got mutated into Pinchanski by a cabbie and by some alchemy became the nickname Pinchypants, usually shortened to Pinchy.

I’ve got two children: DD (darling daughter), born in August 2006, and DS (darling son) who was born almost exactly two years later. I write about the public relations industry while they are at school, mostly in my home office overlooking our monkey puzzle tree wearing whatever came first to hand, and sometimes in That London wearing a nice dress and heels. IMG_7010

I set up this blog to cover all aspects of parenting and motherhood. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2010, it also served the remarkably cathartic function of tracking my ‘journey’ (ahem). I’ve been told by very kind people that most of my ‘fuck caaaancer’ posts managed to make them laugh and cry, all at once, and I won a BritMums award at the time for the most inspiring blog, which I was pretty chuffed about.

Right, must go. Deadline to meet; dishwasher to empty; bruise to kiss better.


  1. Hiya, it’s only me! Just wanted to say good luck with your blog. As you know, I’ve been there, done that, came out the other side unscathed (just) with the kids your age, but am about to enter that unknown quandary; Teenagers! Argh!
    But it’s all the things you don’t consider when you have kids. We didn’t even think about where we live being in the right area for the schools.
    Anyhoo, hope it goes well and I shall look forward to reading about your trials and tribulations :o)
    Karin x

  2. Hi Maja
    I just found your blog last week and realised that I know you from work (yes, all those years ago on the Hammersmith Rd…). I’m full of admiration for how you’re coping with being ill and managing to blog about it too. I’ll be following devotedly from now on.

  3. Hi

    I just wanted to say I’ve been following your blog and am so sorry to read about what you’ve been going through. Sending all my positive thoughts and get well wishes. Keep fighting!

    21stCM x

  4. Hi there! Congrats on the award. This is the first time I have been over to your blog and it is a worthy winner. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and have posted about reconstruction a couple of times. You are obviously being so strong. This is my fifth year cancer free. We can and MUST beat it! There are so many of us out there. x

    Good luck x Suzie @keatsabe

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