I’ve been shortlisted!

I can’t quite believe this, but some kind soul has nominated me for an award. I’m a (pretty quiet) member of a brilliant and influential band of blogging women, British Mummy Bloggers, and I’ve been shortlisted in the Inspirational category of their Brilliance in Blogging awards.

I’m quite stunned by this, and extremely honoured, because I’m up there with some seriously talented writers who are charting the frequently muddy waters of parenting with humour and pathos.

If you’d like to give my little journal the thumbs up, you can do so online by going to the shortlist page and voting for Pinchypants. You’ll also need to vote in the other categories, but rest assured you’re in for a great read, and everyone else on there really deserved to win.

I started this blog just over a year ago, with the intention of writing about various aspects of being a working mummy. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October this year, however, it morphed overnight into a cathartic outlet for recording my Really Big Adventure. Writing it has rescued me from a few dark moments and enabled me to see the silver linings, the black humour, the lessons and even the blessings in my situation, armed with Team Pinchy’s mantra, F&CK CAAANCER!

So thanks for reading, and please vote! (I’m sorry for touting, but I hope you’ll agree it’s not quite on the scale of Russia buying the World Cup, frinstance).



  1. How fabulous, deserved and fitting that you are nominated.
    I’ve voted already of course!

    Don’t apologise for touting. Get Team Pinchy mobilised for Project Inspirational Mummy Blog of the year. You can crush cancer, so this is a cinch in comparison!

    I’ll put a note into Inspire next week and ask all of my mum subscribers to vote. I’ll put a note on my facebook page tomorrow and I’ll tweet and tweet and tweet. I’ll email all my friends and family and I might even commission a carrier pigeon to spread the word!

    Woo hoo! xx

  2. Hey Gorgeous, well I haven’t been around these parts much and I hadn’t followed your blog in recent times but I saw your kind words on the BMB blog about the nominations and here I am to say thank you and good luck, good luck with everything, wishing you so much love and laughter and joy with your family, I think I will pull up a chair and stay around a little and then I’ll be back some more. xxxxx

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